The aerial perspective is a powerful tool when it comes to showing off real estate. It brings the property to life by capturing it in a way that is both unique and pleasing to the eye. There is no better way to show off a high-end property than with high-end video.

The vantage point also provides a comprehensive view of the surrounding community, amenities and overall landscape. These elements work together to convey a complete picture to a potential client or customer. No property is too big or too small.  Below you’ll see an example from our work with America’s Capital Partners in Atlanta, GA.  The company CEO says this about the Aerial Buzz team: “As owners of commercial office buildings in 19 major office markets along the east coast, Texas and Colorado we use Aerial Buzz exclusively to produce our property marketing videos.  They understand our business and between their highly creative staff and use of the latest video technology Spiracle produces stunning photography from drone flight aerial shots to artistic interior photography, they overlay a professionally narrated script to deliver an extremely impactful video message in a little over 2 minutes.”