FAA Certified

When hiring a company for drone operations, the most important qualification is certification. Drone technology is still new and evolving. In September 2016, the FAA came out with the Part 107 Rule. It states that drone pilots operating commercially must have their Remote Pilot’s Certificate.

At Aerial Buzz, we take operating legally seriously. The state of North Carolina also requires drone pilots to take their drone knowledge test. If you pass this test, pilots receive their NCDOT permit. Our pilot, Thomas Wilson, has both certificates and is up-to-date on operating in controlled airspace around the nation. He’s also aware of the necessary permits if operating across different states and countries.

In addition, Aerial Buzz has FAA approval to run nighttime operations in uncontrolled airspace. When you hire Aerial Buzz, we take care of all the legalities and operational tasks that are associated with flying a drone.